What We Value

We aim to make, train and equip disciples to be effective in extending God’s kingdom, to develop leaders, to plant new churches, and to contribute to the blessing of the whole body of Christ.

We Value


God has given us so much and in response we want to give our all to him in worship. We prioritise sung worship together, but also the call to worship God with all of our lives, pursuing Him each day in worship and surrender.

We Value


We take seriously the call of becoming disciples to Jesus. Seeking to posture our lives intentionally around practising the ways of Jesus. Learning what it means to be with him, become like him, and do what he did. We believe the best way to do that is with others.

We Value


We value people and recognise that God has made us all different with a unique role to play. We value community and believe that God has called us to live our lives and do His work together. We seek to build relationship, honour the individual and maintain unity.

We Value


We want to be inwardly strong so we can be outwardly focused. We want to show God’s love both spiritually and practically. We believe God cares deeply for people who are far from him, those feeling broken and those who may be considered the least and last. We want to make a difference.

We Value


We want to grow in sacrificial generosity in a way that reflects the goodness of God. Generosity flows from an understanding of God’s abundance and is grasped through practice, love, and the adventure of following Him. Everything we are able to do as a church is because of people’s sacrificial generosity.

We Value


The story of Gateway Vineyard so far is testimony to God actively being at work in his church through ordinary people, as we bring our ‘Yes’ to him. God is actively working here and now through Holy Spirit, just as he was in the early church. It is God’s spirit that sustains our church, and we do everything with the expectancy that God will show up. God’s kingdom is extending through all we do in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Gateway Vineyard Church is part of a movement of churches all across The UK & Ireland which you can read more about here.

As a movement, we have a Statement of Faith which outlines what we believe and the supporting Bible verses.